Large Product Photography

There is a big product and there is a BIG product!  Airplanes have beautiful design lines and beautiful paint jobs. They sparkle in the sunlight.  Photographing large products means working in a large area, more importantly having staff to maneuver the airplane into the desired position of the photographer.  Having a beautiful sunny day with cloudy blue skies makes the session wonderful!
Large Product Photography

To shoot the interior cockpit we covered the windshield with a tarp, squeezed into a tight cockpit and closed the doors to keep out the ambient light using only the glow of the instrument light panels.  Using a tri-pod and the slowest shutter speed of the Canon 5d Mark III returned a beautiful shot.

Airplane Cockpit

Video Production Orange County

This basic video production was filmed for an animal hospital to feature a brief facility tour, a laser treatment and ultrasound diagnostic test with on camera testimonials with current clients.

Filmed using a Canon C-100, 24-70 mm Canon lens, boomed mic and using existing lighting. In post production we added titles and end credits, inserted photo stills and laid the music track of original music as a wrap-around.

Slider Layouts

Slider Layouts and Editing
Our client was multi-tasking. Just as he realized he had the product photography images in multiple angles covered, he realized he needed the “pretty” images for his website. Sliders are a popular advertising element on websites currently. To stay ahead of competitors go beyond using image only sliders. We create display ad layouts and created these for specific dimensions saving additional time and expense for our client.

Slider Ad Layout

Elderly Portrait

Elderly Woman Portrait
This stunningly beautiful 90 year old was a vision for the camera lens. Using existing lighting created an intimate quiet portrait.

With all the gadgets and photo editing techniques available it is important to know what to use for your subject. If using lighting keep it diffused for a soft look.  Unless using a light modifier a flash will give a harshness emphasizing age lines to the point of distraction. The lovely softness in our lady’s face is due in part to those very fine line which are welcome. Part of her beauty is how comfortable she is with herself.

Another choice is converting to black and white, partially because the older generation grew up with non-color photos. Consider delivering both color and black and white to your client.