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How to Prepare

TONE: Think about the tone you want to convey: friendly, firm or trustworthy.

WARDROBE: Plan you wardrobe accordingly. Solid colors are best (all white is harsh).

For women: Think about your neckline. Timeless and simple is a good place to start.

For men: Choose your attire to set the tone of the shot: casual or business—or bring both.

FACE: The focus of a headshot is your face. Heavy jewelry is distracting. This image is all about you.

If you're uncomfortable in front of the camera let us know—we can make the session easier!

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A good headshot communicates who you are in a split second.

An essential marketing tool for corporate professionals is a headshot. Representing the image they project this photo needs to engage the attention of viewers with their body language, posture or an expression.

Most headshots are tight cropped around the face. Expression from eyes/eyebrows, mouth create a successful portrait. Working with our photographer we'll capture a look that is unique for you.

Headshots can be shot on a background or on location.

We bring our expertise and equipment to create high quality images.

Our engagement with you throughout the session elicits spontaneous expressions which make you look approachable, friendly, yet professional.

Through our detailed processing we edit to add natural polish and touch-ups.

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Located in Walnut, California we serve Orange County, Chino, Covina and beyond with professional photography.

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