Business Video Production
A 60 second video translates to 1.8 million words.

What's In The Basic Video?

Shot with existing light, tripod and handheld.

Filmed workers on job-site.
Workers were not posed. Videographer did not interfere with workers' productivity.

Voice Over

Basic Titles
Text captions. No After Effects.

Photograph Inserts
An excellent way to add products and more information (titles) into your video.

Original Music

Sample video is under 2 minutes.
Types Of Shots

Crane and Jib Shots
You've seen this type of movement or elevated shot in films and commercials for a cinematic presentation.

Glide Cam
Seamless fluid movement down a hall, across a room.

Location Interview, Two Light Setup
There are two main lights, smaller lights create the ambiance.

Creating a Studio Setting on Location
The Web Designer video shows a high key studio setup, using a large white backdrop and multiple lights for a clean, fresh, contemporary look.

Tripod and Doily Shots, Existing Light
A simple setup when additional lighting is not necessary due to sunlight or adequate room light.

Photograph Inserts
An excellent way to add products and more information (titles) into your video.

Original Music and Voice-Overs
In the Auto Body Shop video our client wanted a personal touch—choosing to speak on camera.

Motion Graphics
Opening and closing titles and/or simple text captions.

What's In The Premium Video?


business videos

are more

elaborate productions

using a mix of setups from dramatic interview setups,

crane and dolly shots,

tripod shots, photo inserts, voice-overs, backdrop setup, each with titles and After Effects titling.

Each of the above videos used all or most of the following video production tools.
  • Crane and Jib Shots
  • Glide Cam
  • Location Interview with Multi-Lighting
  • Tripod and Dolly Shots
  • Photo Inserts
  • After Effects Titling
  • Original Music and Voice-Over
Videos introduce your business to potential clients, promote a new product, your services, teach, train or explain an idea.

Read What We Do. Read more about why you need a video?

Sample videos are under 2 minutes.

What We Do Video Production Techniques Why Do I Need A Video?

Our services offer professional solutions for all budgets.

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