Portrait Backgrounds

Backgrounds set the tone for portraits. Beginning with

paper backdrops

grey works for a multitude of business portraits, and changing the lighting changes the range of color tones. The same happens with a white backdrop. Dramatic low key shots using a black background create a rich portrait.

Composite Photography

One of the most impressive backgrounds is achieved by

composite photography

—see the first example below. We're happy to discuss your creative ideas. See more ideas on staging backgrounds in your home or business and commercial photography composites.

Composite Portrait Background
Composite Photography
The photographer’s

library of backgrounds 

is a collection of textured surfaces such as tin siding, stucco walls, weather beaten exterior house walls, stone surfaces, etc. These he shoots specifically for this purpose of blending and layering to build up an artistic backdrop for a studio portrait. The manipulating of these backgrounds takes place in Photoshop to his creative eye. This background was a composite of 2 backgrounds over the 
grey studio backdrop.
Portrait, Creative background These were both shot against a white backdrop. The lighting is critical to allow for a creative background. Each background is designed to complete the feel of the portrait. Studio Portrait, Whie Backdrop
Portrait on white backdrop

Pure white background, flooded with light for a clean, fresh look, bathing the subject in white and bright lights.
low key studio portrait

Black background, each lit differently.

Image on left was processed to add texture to the backdrop.

Right image is using Paramount lighting technique for drama.
low key headshot portrait
grey background, business portrait
Both right and left images are shot on the same grey backdrop.

Image on right—light manipulation allows photographer to turn it blue toned.

Image on left is true grey background.
grey background portrait

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