Jewelry Photography
Gemstone Jewelry Lifestyle Photography

Gold Earring Lifestyle Photography
On location jewelry environmental photography and jewelry lifestyle photography.

Gold Earring Lifestyle Photography
Jewelry on white background:
Pearl Earrings on White Photography

Jewelry photography

differs from other product photography. Whether your collection is small or fills a store

professional jewelry photography

will help sell your products. Capture the sparkle of gemstones, polished silver or gold of your earrings, watches, rings, bracelets and other pieces using a professional photographer.

Professional Photography
to show the beauty of your Jewelry!

When it comes to


your business is judged on the quality of your website and the most important element is professional product photography. High quality, beautiful images, in the jewelry industry can easily be the deciding factor between a sale or an abandoned shopping cart.

We can shoot onsite for environmental product shots and use a model for lifestyle jewelry images to show off your jewelry as worn with professional lighting, setup and styling in your store.

Lifestyle Jewelry Photography

While your product photography services your shopping cart your website also needs "beauty shots". We can manipulate the images in post for ad campaigns. We offer extensive photo editing and layouts. Combining different products into one shot, with different sizes and shapes.

Onsite Jewelry Photographer

If you need poster size product images even the most beautiful jewelry will show blemishes not visible to the eye and will require photo editing to give you the beautiful polished images your eye sees super-sized.

Jewelry on White Background

When you need your product on white we can bring it into our in-house studio. Give us a call.
Jewelry Shot on Location

Jewelry Photographer

Jewelry Shot on Location
Gemstone Necklace Photography

Jewelry photographer serving Riverside, Irvine, Orange County and beyond with professional high quality gemstone, gold and silver photography.

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