Product Photography on White Background

High-quality images can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Multiple Angles

Online catalogues are making use of multiple product views and using zoom magnifier web scripts. Visit our Multiple Product Views page.

Most of our clients make use of large images to display the detail in their product upon zoom.

Close-up, tight shots will show the detail of your product.

Captioned Photos

Captioned photos are used by Amazon vendors to provide visual details. We can caption your photos. View our blog post for more images. View our Cosmetics Photography to see how we create ad campaign images.

You know how to sell your services and/or products—we know how to take quality, beautiful on white product photographs.

Bring polish, continuity and quality to your product line.

Product On White Photography


pure white background

has become the standard and preferred presentation for product photography. Amazon has strict requirements which can be frustrating to amateur photographers.

When your product needs to be shot on a white background it can sound simple until you realize "white" is a precise hex color number 255, 255, 255. There are multiple ways to shoot on a white background to create a beautiful backdrop to display your product. It's never simple.

Product photography on white is one of the most time consuming photo sessions. It requires not only properly lighting the product, but a tremendous amount of light directed and/or diffused on the background or specialized surface to achieve a floating effect or reflection.


specialized lenses,

light modifiers, studio flashes, backgrounds, reflectors, etc. and our experience we achieve the desired studio look.

Processing allows for a thorough checking to meet the hex color required by Amazon and the beautiful pure white desirable to show off your product—the end result is stunning.

When you're ready to style your product for that special promotion visit our Product Styling page. Take your product beyond a white background and present it to customers in a lifestyle setting.
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Need Products on a Pure White Background?

Product on white background photographer serving Fullerton, Brea, Chino and beyond.

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