Product Staging Photography
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How We Do It

The fire behind the bourbon bottle was photographed throughout the life of the fire comparing the flare of the flames and light it cast for balance against the bottle, glass, cigar—even the limes. The ice cubes were created to size from acrylic. The second staging for this product focuses on a

clean sharp reflection

accented by

diffusion lighting.

Shutters gave light control on the olive oil bottle, with multiple lights on the produce.

Fully staged the bedding shot combined full props, natural light and composite photography.

The vodka bottle is composite photography. The lights were shot in multiple configurations, all with a gold tone theme. The same bottle was re-shot with a chilling blue, using diffusion to create a background, precision is the key.

Displaying a Northern Michigan wine bottle called for a theme, achieved with props and lighting.

What It Is

Product staging photography

enhances a product by creating a beautiful setting with props, lights, visual aids or
composite photography.
It's like painting a canvas—each setting is meticulously thought out.

Well staged photos get your product noticed. A product in a real life setting gives your customer a vision of using/wearing it.

Think about the function of your product. If you were buying it where would you put it in your home, or where would you use it?

Show off your products.

breathe life into your product shots

Product Staging, Liquor BottleStaging Liquor Bottle

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