Video Production Orange County

This basic video production was filmed for an animal hospital to feature a brief facility tour, a laser treatment and ultrasound diagnostic test with on camera testimonials with current clients.

Filmed using a Canon C-100, 24-70 mm Canon lens, boomed mic and using existing lighting. In post production we added titles and end credits, inserted photo stills and laid the music track of original music as a wrap-around.

Basic Video Production

Every business needs a video, whether promotional or demonstration.  In this basic video  using existing light, the videographer did not interfere with workers’ productivity.  Shot at multiple location sites, including the home store, he stood back and filmed them doing their jobs.  In the post editing process we recorded the voice over (at the request of the client-we did the voice over ourselves).  Along with photo inserts, titles and original music we completed this basic video production.

Business Video

Each business video begins with a script.  It’s a blueprint for the filming and any stills needed. The opening for this was created in After Effects using logo art from the web designer. Simple transitions and small movements worked for the screen captures needed, subtle movement is powerful. The opening video is a high key setting, while closing with an intimate office set-up for a nice contrast.  Captioning is simple with a clear font and minimal movement to avoid clutter.  The length of video is ideal, just over the minute mark.

Video Production for Business

When you’re ready to create a video for your business it can be overwhelming.  There are a lot of choices, but with  a bit of research you can prepare a structure ( called a script) outlining shots you would like to capture, dialogue, still images and various techniques.

Visit our Video Production page to read more details and view sample videos and also check out out YouTube video.

Video Production

We’re excited to begin offering small business video production. Video is no longer a novelty but a must for business marketing.

I am passionate about the full range of creativeness video encompasses. The challenge of scripting and helping a business owner to bring his vision to fruition.

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Video Production