Wedding Engagement Photography

Wedding Engagement Photography

Such a fun wedding engagement session.  This couple arrived in character and costume, which set a wonderful tone for the entire evening. From inside an old warehouse to the streets of Redlands, we had a wealth of of backdrops to utilize.

Engagement Bride to Be and her Ringg

Sunlight was spilling into this second floor warehouse as we were shooting the engagement ring.  We chose to work the sunlight and later desaturate for the quiet moment we had in mind.

Engagment Shadow Dancing and Polka Dots

This converted warehouse features a dance floor, ideal for our engagement couple with a passion for ballroom dancing.  The shadows were created by Canon Speedlite flashes.

Reflection in a Window for Engagement Photography

Looking into the window of an antique shop selling mirrors was ideal for the period costumes! The trick was not to be seen taking the photo.  Again we used a single Speedlite handheld off to one side.  What a perfect mood.

Engagement Feather Hat

We had more fun including this feather clip-on/hat!  This sunset shot looks like a happy ending. We look forward to the wedding!