Product on Black Acrylic

Product on Black Acrylic Staged

This innovative speaker design offers stunning sound.  The photography needed to reflect the mood.

The photographer used two Arri 650T fresnel lights with 300 watt bulbs and two Matthews 48″ x 48″ artificial silk scrims, 1.6 stops.  Also used a Rotolight NEO matching the Arri tungsten temperature for the top of the speaker.
Canon 5D MarkIII
Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens

We used a sheet of black acrylic to create a classic look.  There is nothing in the background, but shooting at a 9.0 aperture kept the product in sharp focus while turning the background completely black. This shot is straight out of the camera, no Photoshop adjustments or editing.

Speaker on Black

Simple Product Staging on Black Acrylic

The designer requested a size perspective so we added wine glasses for a simple staged product image.

Pet Carrier Product Photography

Pet Carrier Product Photography

Our model was cooperative – AND cute!  The pine-cone was his choice-seems it’s a favorite.  For these pet carrier product lifestyle shots we used existing light, Canon Speedlites, the Canon 6D with ND filters with a Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L lens.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is helpful with products like carriers to show consumers the product “in action” and also to bring a human feel to the website.

Pet Product Photography

We also shot the full line of pet carriers products.  These carriers are collapsible, with multiple handles, straps, openings. We shot 5-6 angles of each carrier on white background.

Product Styling

Product Styling
This diffuser product begins with a lush reflective foreground and organic items to complement the style of this product.  Shooting on a specialized surface gives the refection we were after fading into white.  This is achieved by a lot of light precisely directed.
Styled Product Photography
For a dramatic style we pulled in a textured background, a simple brick and keeping our organic theme – a few accents to give this diffuser a new face!

Read more about product styling.

Product Staging

Product on White, Spice Jars
Product on a white background has become the standard for product images.  Whether to use a full shadow, or slight shadow, or no shadow is the next question.  But when you’re ready to show off your product creativity opens a fabulous door.  The above photo of spice jars keeps three of the four jars in focus, with a slight out of focus on the third jar, for a subtle statement.

The next photo is a lovely simple composition, still on white for an open, floating feeling, adding the spoon for a touch of lifestyle.  A subtle product styling idea.
Spice Jars for Product Styling
Still keeping the product styling simple we’ve added an organic feel using wood for the  presentation. These are only a few ways to style your product. Keep your own product as an alternative to stock photography for your website.
Product Styling
Finally adding a full background frames the jars using a brick for strong base statement.  The first jar has the strength and focus, allowing the other jars to become part of the background.  You get the idea of the vast possibilities when you’re ready to take bring your product front and center in your website and promotion.
Product Lifestyle Staging

Commercial Photographer

Commercial photographers have more creativity than you think.  It’s about manipulating the elements.  This is an exciting dramatic photo using only one light.

commercial photography

Arri Fresnel 650 with a 300 watt bulb
Using a plastic diffusion sheet background called translum made by Savage paper.
Lens EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM
ISO Speed 125
White Balance Mode Color Temperature(9900K)
Av( Aperture Value ) 16.0
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 0.3

Business owners need original photos for their marketing.  So many clients have been exasperated feeling they have nothing worth photographing, particularly when their business is service oriented or their tools are not flashy and exciting.  As a commercial photographer it’s my challenge to find interesting composition in the ordinary.  This turns an ordinary table top photo into a dazzling advertisement image.

Alternative to Stock Photography

Now that Google is looking less favorably on stock photography you’ll be looking at options for original photos for your website. If your business produces products you’ll find this an easier solution. But when you provide services it can be more challenging to find ways to compose photos to represent your services.

alternative to stock photography

composite photography

photography for services

Creative Product Staging


Google has expanded its desire for original content to include original photography, and is  looking less favorably on stock photography.  It is part of how Google decides which websites have more authority.  As the internet has morphed it’s a natural progression for each website to have its own original content for a unique online presence.

As you travel the internet you’ll begin to recognize stock photography as you see the same photo on multiple websites.  Stock photography used to be a cost effective solution for website owners. Recent years have seen substantial increases in the cost of stock photography.  If you choose 10 photos at $50 each for your website – you can afford to have original photos shot.

product staging photographer

These two shots are staged.  Using promotional items strengthens the branding, and also helps deter your website photos being stolen.

Another huge plus for having your own photos is Google’s image search. Your images will  work as an advertisement for your services and products.  Bring an original touch to your website. View more staged photography.

creative staging photography

Bedding Staging Product Photography

Bedding Staging Product Photography

Fully staged this bedding shot combined full props, natural light and composite photography. Thorough experimentation with the sheets to find the best display for pattern and colors. All other elements needed to funnel the eye toward the bed sheets. Two products in the nightstand help to solidify the product in this grand setting. While an intimate shot this required placement of the bed, nightstand and shooting the window light separately to give maximum control.


Product Bottle Photography

Olive Oil Bottle Photography

Staging photography is about total light control.  The shutter allowed light manipulation behind the olive oil bottle. The light in this case is a photographic light balanced and diffused to match sunlight. Separate lighting on the garlic, peppers and tomatoes give yet more control adding dimension to this olive oil bottle staging.

Liquor Bottle Staging Photography

liquor bottle staging phorography

The fire behind the bourbon bottle was photographed waiting as the flames flared to balance the bottle, and monitoring the light it cast on the bottle, glass, cigar—even the limes. Ice cubes were created from acrylic – sized proportionately to fit the glass. The second staging for this product (see below) focuses on a clean sharp reflection accented by diffusion lighting.

product staging photography , bottle