Lifestyle Photographer in Rancho Cucamonga

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is the answer to original polished photography of your business for your website and print marketing.  Your staff is unique to your business.  Stock photography used to be the go-to solution for businesses, but finding the same images used on hundreds, or more, websites dilutes your message.  Read more about stock versus original photography.
This image was shot using
Paul Buff Einstein
64″ PLM Umbrella
24-70 mm Canon Lens

This photo was shot using Paul Buff Einstein, Beauty Dish and 24-70 mm lens. Great marketing photography with real people on the job.

This staff portrait shot on location using three 580 Speedlites and a small umbrella.

Cosmetic Product Photography

Cosmetic Product Photography

What began as 35 cosmetic products turned into a full line of 360 products for a full e-commerce website.  Using continuous lighting many shots needed stack focusing to provide crystal clear focus from front to back.  We used a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro L lens no more than 1 foot from the product and set the aperture at f8.

To create the shine on the brushes, lipsticks and other reflective products we used a variety of light modifiers (scrims) to create each gradient.

Color matching is always critical for e-commerce and requires special 2 fold attention – lighting the color consistently, then visually matching the product to the screen in post.  Though all monitors use RGB, not all monitors will display color the same. Things like graphics card, monitor drivers affect the actual display of color on every device. Despite knowing this shooting the products under strict lighting and visually color matching they will be consistent and you’ll minimize product return headaches when color is part of the buying decision.

Cosmetic Photography

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Cosmetic Line Photography

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Executive Lifestyle Portrait

This dental practice wanted their website to reflect the fun spirit of the dentists and the staff.  We put a different spin on the lifestyle portraits of the team groups. This turned out beautifully with composition and balance and the doctor’s smile lights up the photo.

Paul C Buff 64″ PLM Umbrellas
Two Einsteins

Dental Staff Photography

Dental Staff Photography

Website photos can go beyond the somber to this fun shoot. It captures the fun spirit of this staff portrait.  (We took serious shots, too – but these won out!)

Using 64″ Paul C Buff PLM umbrellas, two Einsteins to get that beautiful deep separation of tones.

Staff Photography

Staff Photography

Time to update your website?  Make it personal by adding photos of the people your clients interact with over the phone or when visiting your business.  Stepping away from the classic group staff photo and adding a little creativity with a blend of Southern California casual can give your website personality and an air of friendliness.  Let your website speak for your business with staff photography.

Pearl Jewelry Photography

Pearl Jewelry Photography

Typically the proper way to shoot a product set up like this is to have 2 separate shots and composite these in Photoshop.  It’s impossible to properly exposure for the box and not blow out the white pearls. For this shoot we didn’t have time to remove the pearls as this was rush job.  We elevated the camera to a high angle using a macro lens, used an overhead diffused light source with a silk scrim. We used another light source in front – to highlight the front of the box and the top inside of the box.  Once we properly exposed the light we stack focused with about 20 shots from top to bottom.  We would like the box interior whiter, but couldn’t do it in the time we had, so this shot was usable.  Generally these types of jewelry shots require an enormous amount of time get the right lighting with the proper exposure.

Pearl Ring on White

We had enough time to properly execute this shot, which requires two separate set ups.  The first setup was to light and properly expose the ring.  We only used an overhead light source with a silk scrim for this, stack focusing with about 10 shots using a 2.8 macro lens.  For the second setup we removed the ring using three light sources for the outside and inside of the box.  We stack focused with about 10 images.  In Photoshop we put the two shots together achieving the whiter box interior.

Product Styling

Product Styling
This diffuser product begins with a lush reflective foreground and organic items to complement the style of this product.  Shooting on a specialized surface gives the refection we were after fading into white.  This is achieved by a lot of light precisely directed.
Styled Product Photography
For a dramatic style we pulled in a textured background, a simple brick and keeping our organic theme – a few accents to give this diffuser a new face!

Read more about product styling.

Commercial Facility Photography

Industrial Warehouse Photography
Your typical three story industrial distribution warehouse building. Getting the exterior shot was the simplest part of this job, but the client installed a massive air conditioning system and wanted to capture the expanse of this project.

Distribution Warehouse Photographer
These air conditioning ducts are massive. This ended up being a pretty shot – architecturally speaking.Commercial Photographer
You can’t get this with your iPhone. Critical to my client were shots of the air ducts – which were 3 stories up, no ladder or lift system to get me close, and these ceilings were 80% dark.  The crew was laying in the ceiling panels as I worked staying ahead of them before the window to shoot was gone.  I used a 35 mm lens and metered for the darkness to achieve the results above.

Why hire a professional photographer?

It’s tempting to pick up your cell and begin snapping photos of your business for your website.  Ten years ago this was acceptable for websites, but the internet is now a far more polished place and website visitors have a higher expectation of quality.

As a professional in your own business you understand the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver the quality service or products you sell.  When it comes to photographing your business, staff portraits or product photography you want a professional to deliver outstanding images to promote your business.  To expect your employees to be able to deliver images that a professional can is unrealistic.  There is a huge difference between a hobbyist and a professional.

A pro photographer uses professional cameras, lighting, backdrops and knows ways to manipulate light to capture the best photo of your products, facility or personnel.  A professional photographer will get to know your business and match the look and feel of your branding.  He’ll have suggestions for the best shots and composition bringing a creative artistic eye to your project.  Taking your vision of a project and delivering eye-catching photographs.

Most photos benefit from processing – however minimal a professional photographer’s eye preparing the images ensures superior quality. Take your business project to the next level use a professional for professional results.

catalog photography

Alternative to Stock Photography

Now that Google is looking less favorably on stock photography you’ll be looking at options for original photos for your website. If your business produces products you’ll find this an easier solution. But when you provide services it can be more challenging to find ways to compose photos to represent your services.

alternative to stock photography

composite photography

photography for services