Commercial Composite Photography in Anaheim

Composite Tour Bus
Often getting your product into the ideal setting isn’t realistic.  This tour bus company travels not only throughout Western states, but across the country.  Scheduling photo ops presents a lot of obstacles.  Opting for composite photo editing allowed time to photograph the bus to match the chosen stock images.  Adding reflections to the windows and hubcaps keeps it real. We created several composites. We also create composite portraits.

Tour Bus on the Road
This was the staging area.
Commercial Tour Bus

Photo Editing and Ad Layouts

Lipstaick Ad Layout
Single business owners wear multiple hats. Recognizing the value of professional product photography is the beginning for many. Single product images are great for e-commerce catalogs. When your website or print ads need that wow factor or layout for your advertising campaign message we can help.

We offer editing and layouts. Working with images from inception we excel at bringing balance within a frame, whether it is framing with a camera lens or editing your photo to keep the focus on your product or services. We can combine multiple images, add backgrounds, extract products for stunning layouts.

Cosmetic Photo layout
These cosmetics were all shot for the product description e-commerce. This layout showcases the branding suitable to stand alone on a website or can be extended to add a marketing message.

Captioned Product on White
This captioned image served the seller to get more detail visually onto Amazon’s platform.

When refreshing your branding you may be juggling web designers, print ads, new logo, painters, vehicles painted and more. In this case the photo session was ahead of the logo painter for the building.  We were able to work from the logo Illustrator files to add to the photo and maintain realism and save time for the client.

Add Logo to Building

Photo Editing Logo onto Building

Pearl Jewelry Photography

Pearl Jewelry Photography

Typically the proper way to shoot a product set up like this is to have 2 separate shots and composite these in Photoshop.  It’s impossible to properly exposure for the box and not blow out the white pearls. For this shoot we didn’t have time to remove the pearls as this was rush job.  We elevated the camera to a high angle using a macro lens, used an overhead diffused light source with a silk scrim. We used another light source in front – to highlight the front of the box and the top inside of the box.  Once we properly exposed the light we stack focused with about 20 shots from top to bottom.  We would like the box interior whiter, but couldn’t do it in the time we had, so this shot was usable.  Generally these types of jewelry shots require an enormous amount of time get the right lighting with the proper exposure.

Pearl Ring on White

We had enough time to properly execute this shot, which requires two separate set ups.  The first setup was to light and properly expose the ring.  We only used an overhead light source with a silk scrim for this, stack focusing with about 10 shots using a 2.8 macro lens.  For the second setup we removed the ring using three light sources for the outside and inside of the box.  We stack focused with about 10 images.  In Photoshop we put the two shots together achieving the whiter box interior.

Portrait Photography Composite

Composite Portrait Photography

This portrait was shot on a grey background on location. The simple staging of a coffee table gave nice foreground texture.  The light source was a Paul Buff 22 inch beauty dish with a grid.  This bounce flash light modifier is beautifully flattering to faces.

The photographer’s library of backgrounds is a collection of textured surfaces such as tin siding, stucco walls, weather beaten exterior house walls, stone surfaces, etc.  These he shoots specifically for this purpose of blending and layering to build up an artistic backdrop for a studio portrait.  The manipulating of these backgrounds takes place in Photoshop to his creative eye. This background was a composite of 2 backgrounds over the grey studio backdrop.

Read more on our website about backgrounds for portraits.

Commercial Photographer

Commercial photographers have more creativity than you think.  It’s about manipulating the elements.  This is an exciting dramatic photo using only one light.

commercial photography

Arri Fresnel 650 with a 300 watt bulb
Using a plastic diffusion sheet background called translum made by Savage paper.
Lens EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM
ISO Speed 125
White Balance Mode Color Temperature(9900K)
Av( Aperture Value ) 16.0
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 0.3

Business owners need original photos for their marketing.  So many clients have been exasperated feeling they have nothing worth photographing, particularly when their business is service oriented or their tools are not flashy and exciting.  As a commercial photographer it’s my challenge to find interesting composition in the ordinary.  This turns an ordinary table top photo into a dazzling advertisement image.

Alternative to Stock Photography

Now that Google is looking less favorably on stock photography you’ll be looking at options for original photos for your website. If your business produces products you’ll find this an easier solution. But when you provide services it can be more challenging to find ways to compose photos to represent your services.

alternative to stock photography

composite photography

photography for services