Product on Black Acrylic

Product on Black Acrylic Staged

This innovative speaker design offers stunning sound.  The photography needed to reflect the mood.

The photographer used two Arri 650T fresnel lights with 300 watt bulbs and two Matthews 48″ x 48″ artificial silk scrims, 1.6 stops.  Also used a Rotolight NEO matching the Arri tungsten temperature for the top of the speaker.
Canon 5D MarkIII
Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens

We used a sheet of black acrylic to create a classic look.  There is nothing in the background, but shooting at a 9.0 aperture kept the product in sharp focus while turning the background completely black. This shot is straight out of the camera, no Photoshop adjustments or editing.

Speaker on Black

Simple Product Staging on Black Acrylic

The designer requested a size perspective so we added wine glasses for a simple staged product image.

Jewelry Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle jewelry photos are a great asset to show off your jewelry collection and add “eye candy” to your website.  Showing your jewelry worn breathes warmth and personal connection to your gemstone jewelry – rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  This session was shot at the jeweler’s store within a two hour window.
Lifestyle Jewelry Photography
These lifestyle images were shot using a Paul C Buff Beauty Dish with a 20% grid using an Einstein studio flash, hand held reflector and a Canon 24-70 mm lens.
Gemstone Necklace
We also shot environmental jewelry product pieces in a couple of settings. Creating a stunning bokeh background to set off the sparkling gemstones.
Environmental Jewelry Product Photos
A tight crop (below) brings the ring forward.
Jewelry Product Photography
This diamond ring (below) was set into a succulent. We manipulated the image with photo editing to keep the focus on the ring. These product images were shot using a Rotolight and a 100mm 2.8 Canon lens.

Environmental Product Photography

Flat Lay Product Photographer in Orange County

Flat Lay Product

For flat lay product photography an overhead camera rigging system with an HD monitor gives the Macro lens the flat, level shooting plane for tack sharp focus.  We lit using 2 soft boxes and a quarter stop 48 inch scrim with a 3rd flash behind.

Sequined Bikini Product Photorgapher

The sequins took a bit of light modifying, to maintain the jewel tones without blowing them out. We used foam core to create a box to channel the light.

Swimsuit Photographer

Flat lay product photography requires one essential tool for setup: pins.  Lots of pins, lots of foam-core layers and additional time.  Spandex can be a bit of a wrestle due to the elasticity, but pinning does the trick.

Slider Layouts

Slider Layouts and Editing
Our client was multi-tasking. Just as he realized he had the product photography images in multiple angles covered, he realized he needed the “pretty” images for his website. Sliders are a popular advertising element on websites currently. To stay ahead of competitors go beyond using image only sliders. We create display ad layouts and created these for specific dimensions saving additional time and expense for our client.

Slider Ad Layout

Photo Editing and Ad Layouts

Lipstaick Ad Layout
Single business owners wear multiple hats. Recognizing the value of professional product photography is the beginning for many. Single product images are great for e-commerce catalogs. When your website or print ads need that wow factor or layout for your advertising campaign message we can help.

We offer editing and layouts. Working with images from inception we excel at bringing balance within a frame, whether it is framing with a camera lens or editing your photo to keep the focus on your product or services. We can combine multiple images, add backgrounds, extract products for stunning layouts.

Cosmetic Photo layout
These cosmetics were all shot for the product description e-commerce. This layout showcases the branding suitable to stand alone on a website or can be extended to add a marketing message.

Captioned Product on White
This captioned image served the seller to get more detail visually onto Amazon’s platform.

When refreshing your branding you may be juggling web designers, print ads, new logo, painters, vehicles painted and more. In this case the photo session was ahead of the logo painter for the building.  We were able to work from the logo Illustrator files to add to the photo and maintain realism and save time for the client.

Add Logo to Building

Photo Editing Logo onto Building