Bride at Grand Piano in Rancho Cucamonga

This is the final wedding couple portrait in the series of three (see below). The bride wanted a beautiful shot at the piano and we decided to embellish with a story.

Shot 1 – Lonely Bride, with little light.

Shot 2 – Enter the Groom, the light of her life.

Shot 3 – Both engulfed in light – on the brink of the kiss.

This was shot at night.  Outside the window we set up an Arri 750 open face. The choice of tungsten light created the desired sunset effect through the wooden blinds.
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon lens 24-70 2.8

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Solar Panel Photography

Solar Panel at School Photography

An interesting photo shoot of installed solar panels at a local school.  This was all about angles. There are 2 parts to this solar system, with the gigantic battery stored securely behind fencing.

When hired to take one photo the task is to capture every angle in a beautifully balanced image.  To get the one shot our client needed we shot for an hour and from every angle. That’s the goal – seek out every good shot, shoot it all and let the client choose “the one”. As with all architecture there is a beauty to the structure, lines converging, verticals and horizontal.  It’s a fun shoot using only the basics: the camera and your eye.

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Elderly Portrait

Elderly Woman Portrait
This stunningly beautiful 90 year old was a vision for the camera lens. Using existing lighting created an intimate quiet portrait.

With all the gadgets and photo editing techniques available it is important to know what to use for your subject. If using lighting keep it diffused for a soft look.  Unless using a light modifier a flash will give a harshness emphasizing age lines to the point of distraction. The lovely softness in our lady’s face is due in part to those very fine line which are welcome. Part of her beauty is how comfortable she is with herself.

Another choice is converting to black and white, partially because the older generation grew up with non-color photos. Consider delivering both color and black and white to your client.

Cosmetic Product Photography

Cosmetic Product Photography

What began as 35 cosmetic products turned into a full line of 360 products for a full e-commerce website.  Using continuous lighting many shots needed stack focusing to provide crystal clear focus from front to back.  We used a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro L lens no more than 1 foot from the product and set the aperture at f8.

To create the shine on the brushes, lipsticks and other reflective products we used a variety of light modifiers (scrims) to create each gradient.

Color matching is always critical for e-commerce and requires special 2 fold attention – lighting the color consistently, then visually matching the product to the screen in post.  Though all monitors use RGB, not all monitors will display color the same. Things like graphics card, monitor drivers affect the actual display of color on every device. Despite knowing this shooting the products under strict lighting and visually color matching they will be consistent and you’ll minimize product return headaches when color is part of the buying decision.

Cosmetic Photography

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Cosmetic Line Photography

Wedding Engagement Photography

Wedding Engagement Photography

Such a fun wedding engagement session.  This couple arrived in character and costume, which set a wonderful tone for the entire evening. From inside an old warehouse to the streets of Redlands, we had a wealth of of backdrops to utilize.

Engagement Bride to Be and her Ringg

Sunlight was spilling into this second floor warehouse as we were shooting the engagement ring.  We chose to work the sunlight and later desaturate for the quiet moment we had in mind.

Engagment Shadow Dancing and Polka Dots

This converted warehouse features a dance floor, ideal for our engagement couple with a passion for ballroom dancing.  The shadows were created by Canon Speedlite flashes.

Reflection in a Window for Engagement Photography

Looking into the window of an antique shop selling mirrors was ideal for the period costumes! The trick was not to be seen taking the photo.  Again we used a single Speedlite handheld off to one side.  What a perfect mood.

Engagement Feather Hat

We had more fun including this feather clip-on/hat!  This sunset shot looks like a happy ending. We look forward to the wedding!

Industrial Sub-Zero Photography

Talk about cold!

Industrial Sub Zero Freezer Photography

This industrial photo shoot had special needs.  Part of which was the temperature of -4 degrees.  It took a team of 3 to make this shot work and time was the driving factor, as Southern Californians, we aren’t acclimated for cold.  The outside temperature was over 80 degrees.

After an all day shoot this was the last shot due to the temperature, noting the extreme temperature change would be asking a lot of the camera. The lift operator suspended the photographer upwards with the client sprinting through the aisles to trigger the motion sensor-ed facility lights.  This gave a window of 30 seconds to grab the shot before the lights shut off.  The temperature was taxing to our breathing and stress on the camera equipment.  It took 8 hours for the camera body and lens temperature to return to room temperature, no damage to the camera or lens.  We were in and out in about 5 minutes, taking 3 shots.

Using a Canon 6d with a 14 mm 2.8 Canon lens.

Industrial Warehouse Freezer

This freezer operates between 35-50 degrees for refrigerated foods.  We shot in here before the subzero freezer and it was breeze.

Commercial Facility Photography

Industrial Warehouse Photography
Your typical three story industrial distribution warehouse building. Getting the exterior shot was the simplest part of this job, but the client installed a massive air conditioning system and wanted to capture the expanse of this project.

Distribution Warehouse Photographer
These air conditioning ducts are massive. This ended up being a pretty shot – architecturally speaking.Commercial Photographer
You can’t get this with your iPhone. Critical to my client were shots of the air ducts – which were 3 stories up, no ladder or lift system to get me close, and these ceilings were 80% dark.  The crew was laying in the ceiling panels as I worked staying ahead of them before the window to shoot was gone.  I used a 35 mm lens and metered for the darkness to achieve the results above.

Industrial Building Photography

Industrial Photography
This industrial air conditioning system sets on the roof of a massive distribution warehouse, three stories up with many, many units.  The only access to the roof was via an access ladder which is straight up the wall, with a platform halfway up and a safety fence encircling the ladder for the final climb.  And carrying a camera bag.Industrial Warehouse Photography

Dog Portrait

PortraitA simple shot:
Aperture wide open at 1.4
ISO 250
shutter speed 1/125

The dog is napping on the bed. To keep the camera steady I set it on a book.  The biggest challenge was waiting for the moment when the sun came around to the right spot through the window; and of course: trusting the subject would remain still! I chose to blow the shot out – no Photoshopping.