Staff Lifestyle Portrait in Rancho Cucamonga

Staff Lifestyle Portrait
What a fun shoot! The fall sun in Rancho Cucamonga was low and bright.  With our staff group’s back to the sun we used 3 flashes into a small umbrella and a 2 stop ND filter to knock down the sunlight brilliance.

You hear the terms “lifestyle” portrait and “environment” portrait when you’re looking for a staff photo with a setting in the workplace, but not using a backdrop. This pose brings energy and an inviting smile to reflect the company. Make your website photos original and fun!

  • (3) 580 Speedlites w/small umbrella
  • 2 stop ND filter with Genus Matte Box
  • 24-70mm lens

Portrait Photographer in Orange County

Couple Portrait
Shooting from inside an airplane hangar to capture the Arizona desert behind our subjects  with the blazing sun we used a 2 stop ND filter to bring down the sunlight.  Without this you see only silhouettes of the subjects. The pristine hangar floor yielded a lovely reflection! Great family portraits, both the couple and family (below).

  • Paul C Buff’s 2-64 inch PLMs
  • Einsteins
  • 2 stop ND filter with Genus Matte Box
  • 24-70mm lens

Young Family Portrait

Lifestyle Photographer in Rancho Cucamonga

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is the answer to original polished photography of your business for your website and print marketing.  Your staff is unique to your business.  Stock photography used to be the go-to solution for businesses, but finding the same images used on hundreds, or more, websites dilutes your message.  Read more about stock versus original photography.
This image was shot using
Paul Buff Einstein
64″ PLM Umbrella
24-70 mm Canon Lens

This photo was shot using Paul Buff Einstein, Beauty Dish and 24-70 mm lens. Great marketing photography with real people on the job.

This staff portrait shot on location using three 580 Speedlites and a small umbrella.

Video Production Orange County

This basic video production was filmed for an animal hospital to feature a brief facility tour, a laser treatment and ultrasound diagnostic test with on camera testimonials with current clients.

Filmed using a Canon C-100, 24-70 mm Canon lens, boomed mic and using existing lighting. In post production we added titles and end credits, inserted photo stills and laid the music track of original music as a wrap-around.

Solar Panel Photography

Solar Panel at School Photography

An interesting photo shoot of installed solar panels at a local school.  This was all about angles. There are 2 parts to this solar system, with the gigantic battery stored securely behind fencing.

When hired to take one photo the task is to capture every angle in a beautifully balanced image.  To get the one shot our client needed we shot for an hour and from every angle. That’s the goal – seek out every good shot, shoot it all and let the client choose “the one”. As with all architecture there is a beauty to the structure, lines converging, verticals and horizontal.  It’s a fun shoot using only the basics: the camera and your eye.

See more Industrial Photography.

Staff Portraits, Group and Team Portraits

Team Staff Portrait
Staff group photos
are a great way to warm up your website by letting visitors become familiar with your staff even before visiting your storefront or facility. If you are online exclusively staff photos give visitors a face behind a company name and create a connection. The above shot was captured using 2 5′ PLM umbrellas with Paul C Buff Einsteins and a 2.8 aperture.Executive Staff Portrait
Lifestyle on the job portraits are wonderful ways to show your team in their environment, where often your clients meet them.
Lifestyle Team Portrait
This was shot using a simple flash bender during the middle of a work day.
Large Group Staff Photo
Whatever your needs give us a call. From 1 to 800 we can capture your staff photography.
Employee Lifestyle Photographer

Book Author Portrait

Book Author Portrait

It’s worth waiting for! We knew this portrait would be ideal for our children’s book author.  With everything set up, we waited…for the sunlight. The breath taking explosion of light bathing our subject was exciting. While leaning on a white piano the elements of the room worked together to give us this lovely portrait.

We used a Paul C Buff Einstein flash with a 10% grid.

To serve multiple needs this also holds up in an intimate close up head-shot.Author Head-shot Portrait.

Slider Layouts

Slider Layouts and Editing
Our client was multi-tasking. Just as he realized he had the product photography images in multiple angles covered, he realized he needed the “pretty” images for his website. Sliders are a popular advertising element on websites currently. To stay ahead of competitors go beyond using image only sliders. We create display ad layouts and created these for specific dimensions saving additional time and expense for our client.

Slider Ad Layout

Photo Editing and Ad Layouts

Lipstaick Ad Layout
Single business owners wear multiple hats. Recognizing the value of professional product photography is the beginning for many. Single product images are great for e-commerce catalogs. When your website or print ads need that wow factor or layout for your advertising campaign message we can help.

We offer editing and layouts. Working with images from inception we excel at bringing balance within a frame, whether it is framing with a camera lens or editing your photo to keep the focus on your product or services. We can combine multiple images, add backgrounds, extract products for stunning layouts.

Cosmetic Photo layout
These cosmetics were all shot for the product description e-commerce. This layout showcases the branding suitable to stand alone on a website or can be extended to add a marketing message.

Captioned Product on White
This captioned image served the seller to get more detail visually onto Amazon’s platform.

When refreshing your branding you may be juggling web designers, print ads, new logo, painters, vehicles painted and more. In this case the photo session was ahead of the logo painter for the building.  We were able to work from the logo Illustrator files to add to the photo and maintain realism and save time for the client.

Add Logo to Building

Photo Editing Logo onto Building

Elderly Portrait

Elderly Woman Portrait
This stunningly beautiful 90 year old was a vision for the camera lens. Using existing lighting created an intimate quiet portrait.

With all the gadgets and photo editing techniques available it is important to know what to use for your subject. If using lighting keep it diffused for a soft look.  Unless using a light modifier a flash will give a harshness emphasizing age lines to the point of distraction. The lovely softness in our lady’s face is due in part to those very fine line which are welcome. Part of her beauty is how comfortable she is with herself.

Another choice is converting to black and white, partially because the older generation grew up with non-color photos. Consider delivering both color and black and white to your client.