Staff Portrait Photographer in Irvine

Receptionist Portrait
Receptionist Lifestyle Portrait
A lifestyle (aka environmental) portrait session for the company receptionist required lighting setup. Staging the background with existing furnishings we added a couple of lights to create drama and depth to the shot. We combined ambient light with flash focusing a beauty dish on the subject’s face.

Einstein Studio Flash
Paul Buff 22 inch Beauty Dish
10 Degree Grid
5′ Avenger C-Stand
Canon 6D
Canon 24-70 mm 2.8 lens

Original Photography vs Stock Photography

original photography versus stock photography

taken on-site at auto repair shop

As a photographer I can appreciate stock photography. Well lit images, with models, shiny clean cars and wonderful macro photography. For business owners they have been a resource for a long time to get professional photography onto their website. Consider lifestyle photography for polished original images of your business.

As the internet has evolved users have become savvier with higher expectations. In a visual world photos are seen faster than website copy is read, which gives them the potential to deliver a message quicker. Users have become cynical: “Are we supposed to believe that model works at your company? And are these people always that happy discussing one piece of paper?” On top of this skepticism you run the risk of these same images being seen repeatedly on other websites – and worse…a competitor’s site. Show pictures of real customers, your staff, your product, and your location. A professional photographer not only brings proper equipment, but helpful insight into staging scenes to cover all your photo needs from staff to facility, and services.

Use your photos on your website to deliver your message with text laid across the image. Make a bold statement – and keep it real.

Google has taken an interest in photos and how to give more weight to original photography versus stock images. That is reason enough to take a closer look at professional photography for your business. Google is secretive in many of the “how” they make their decisions, rather than waiting to figure it out, take heed and make a change.

While everyone has a smartphone/iPhone and can take good photos – at some point you will need a professional photographer to take your business photos to the next level. This is especially true when your business is a product, or your product is you – as a service provider. We hire professionals when we want the job done right – from plumbers to electricians to photographers. It’s your business; put your best face forward to the public.


Why hire a professional photographer?

It’s tempting to pick up your cell and begin snapping photos of your business for your website.  Ten years ago this was acceptable for websites, but the internet is now a far more polished place and website visitors have a higher expectation of quality.

As a professional in your own business you understand the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver the quality service or products you sell.  When it comes to photographing your business, staff portraits or product photography you want a professional to deliver outstanding images to promote your business.  To expect your employees to be able to deliver images that a professional can is unrealistic.  There is a huge difference between a hobbyist and a professional.

A pro photographer uses professional cameras, lighting, backdrops and knows ways to manipulate light to capture the best photo of your products, facility or personnel.  A professional photographer will get to know your business and match the look and feel of your branding.  He’ll have suggestions for the best shots and composition bringing a creative artistic eye to your project.  Taking your vision of a project and delivering eye-catching photographs.

Most photos benefit from processing – however minimal a professional photographer’s eye preparing the images ensures superior quality. Take your business project to the next level use a professional for professional results.

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