Portrait Photographer

Onsite Portrait Photographer

What goes into a portrait photography session?

This is an in-home session.  This small house had no background photographic opportunities.  The photographer created one from a set of window blinds. Despite looking like it was shot at sunset this is a staged shot-manipulating the background.  We created this effect by setting up tungsten lighting outside the window at night.  Adjusting the window shades for the precise bounce of light gave the photographer the control he wanted. Using a handheld flash allowed for exactness in adding the highlights to face and hair. Every angle and tilt of camera complete the composition of the subject.  Once softness and overall look was established to the photographer’s eye the session proceeds with multiple shots.  Finishing touches are completed in Photoshop for facial tone and minor touch-up.

Read more on our website about backgrounds for portraits.

One Light Portrait

one light portraitThink you need a full studio to take a terrific dramatic portrait?

This is a simple one light portrait, referred to as “Paramount Lighting” (AKA “Butterfly Lighting”).  Paramount Lighting was developed by a photographer at Paramount Studios in the 1930s. It was a dramatic and easy way to take publicity photos of their stars. It was an easy setup and proved to be very dramatic. Read more.

I used a 300 watt daylight fluorescent bulb and a small 16″ square soft-box with one diffuser panel. (No flash, continuous light)  Placed above the camera, pointed at the subject.  Used a tripod.

  • Aperture 2.8
  • Shutter Speed 1/160
  • ISO 640
  • 50mm 1.4 lens

In Photoshop I posterized the background, and saturated the orange decals.